Emotional Martial Arts™ ~ A Practice of Waging Inner Peace.


Unlock hidden emotions and limiting beliefs to increase your capacity for joy, creativity, empowerment, and ultimately, inner peace.

Open the Door to Your Journey

Emotional Martial Arts™ ~ A Practice of Waging Inner Peace.


With storytelling and humor, Dr. H shares practical wisdom teachings about emotions, reality and perception that you can use immediately in your daily life to effect positive change.

Twenty-four lessons are scheduled for 2016 … tools for transformation and waging inner peace.

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Emotional Martial Arts™ Coloring Journal (Vol 1)


This book is a unique coloring journal designed for personal growth and rejuvenation. It offers coloring pages for fun and creativity plus personal development tools via journaling prompts. This volume incorporates five EMA lessons. Volume 2 is in the works!


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The Healing Field ~ A Young Psychiatrist’s Battle with His Anorexic Patient, Her Hunger Strike against God, and Their Journey through the Dark Night of the Soul


A beautiful multiple award-winning book about love and self-care, finding truth and ultimately waging inner peace.


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Howard E Richmond, MDHello. Welcome to my website.

I’m Howard Richmond, M.D., a traditionally trained physician who has evolved over the years into a transformational psychiatrist. I realized early in my career the limitations of the medical model of psychiatry, and began incorporating an integrative and holistic approach in my practice.

I teach what I call “Emotional Martial Arts” (EMA) a program designed to empower ourselves – individuals, couples and groups – to release negative and limiting reactions to conflict and stress, and as a result, create more joy, fulfillment and success in our lives. EMA focuses on becoming aware of the subtle yet predictable power of emotions to cause unwanted pain or harm (to ourselves and others) and then to transform this emotional and physical energy to heal and become a better, more empowered and integrated version of our self.

Whether we’re facing relationship challenges, struggling with anxiety, battling depression or addictive behaviors, we can all get stuck in negative patterns, doing the same thing over and over. It’s our default, survival, or autopilot mode.

My passion is teaching others how to shift from autopilot mode to conscious-pilot mode – to integrate our whole being, our body-mind-spirit, in a direction of joy and wellbeing. Though we are hard-wired to repeat patterns deep within our brain, the good news is with proper emotional awareness and training, we can rewire and improve our job performance, interpersonal relationships, physical health, and quality of life.

I invite you to click on the EMA Lessons tab above to experience a sample of my work and explore your potential to transform.


Transform Your Energy Circuits ...

… from Survival to “Thrival.”

Years ago I was listening to “A Way With Words” on NPR radio. The hosts invited listeners to call in if they had a word they thought should be a word but was not a word. I have a word, I thought to myself. I called the number and before I knew it I was on the air. “Just as survive, is to survival,’’ I said to Martha, the Queen of Words, “thrive, should be to this new word––thrival.” Read more …


Mind-Body Alert: The Power of Words


Remember the childhood saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me?” I couldn’t disagree more! Words are powerful. Words can be used to harm or to heal. “The pen is mightier than the sword,” is an old reminder. Words have weight. They carry the weight of thoughts, emotions and physical tension in our bodies. Read more …


Dr. H and “Lori” ~ “What if Love?”

Award-Winning Novel, The Healing Field

book awards

The Elephant in the Room – Death

My appliance guy came over to the house the other day to do a minor repair. He says to me, “You look good; are you happy?” He and I have worked together for many years (through Property Management) and are on a friendly basis, talking about life and relationships –...

Emotional Balance Leads to Healthier Eating

On Tuesday, September 13, our Emotional Martial Arts™ (EMA) event focuses on the relationship of feelings and food. Emotional eating often leads to excess intake of sweets, salts and fats. These are the typical “comfort” foods we turn to when facing stress, conflicts,...

Reruns Are Boring – Change the Movie

  We all have a mental movie projector that plays reruns. We get stuck in reruns. Boy, anybody can relate to that. Now, what I’ve learned up close with some of my challenging patients over the years, is that this “movie” metaphor is so powerful, and it’s so “real.”...

Happy Fathers Day

Mother's Day became an official holiday in 1914 ~ Father's Day lagged way behind, even though people tried for years to make it a holiday. Presidents Coolidge and Johnson acknowledged Father's Day, but it was still not an official holiday until President Nixon...

Become Your Best Advocate with a You-Turn

The You-Turn Awareness and Practice!  Add this Emotional Martial Arts™ tool to your tool belt to convert small changes into a big impact! Visualize going down the left arm of the U-Turn (then up the right arm) to transform the critic from “Inner Jailer” to “Inner...

Are You For Giving?

Enjoy this 5 minute audio clip about a new paradigm of forgiveness: one where the work is an inside job; where there is no dependence on another person to do something different (i.e., apologize or make other behavioral changes); and the result of your efforts is for...

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