About EMA

Howard E Richmond, MDEmotional Martial Arts™ (EMA) is the practice of becoming keenly aware in the now, when we are in “reaction mode,” of how emotions drive our perception, shape our reality and trigger reflexive thoughts and behaviors that can cause harm.

Applying the “black-belt” tools of EMA (recognizing and validating hidden emotions, cultivating compassion and releasing limiting judgments) realigns body, mind and spirit to increase our capacity for joy, creativity, empowerment, and ultimately, inner peace.

As with any discipline, the more familiar and fluent we become with EMA, the doors of perception will shift, widen, and open you up to a journey of exploration of you!

The EMA interactive coloring journal invites you to become more self-aware in the practice of emotional attunement, emotional release and letting go of conditioned beliefs!

Welcome to integrating your Self into a more present being of light, love and truth.

Inner Peace: Let’s Wage It!
Howard E. Richmond, MD